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Chemical Peels

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chemical peel

Chemical peel treatment in Burlington

App. 30-45 mins/ $95

For Smooth, Healthy, Glowing Skin

Chemical peel treatment is used to eradicate the superficial dead layers of skin, allowing fresh, new, firm skin to replace it. The Vogue Spa offers chemical peel treatment in Burlington. The end result is a softer, smoother, revitalized appearance and a reduction in wrinkles. Depending on the amount of damaged skin and the desired result, clients can choose from three different peel strengths – superficial, medium, or deep. Because of the nature of the interaction between the chemicals and the skin, chemical peels should only be administered by a well-trained esthetician, dermatologist or plastic surgeon. These trained professionals can safely guide you through the chemical peel process and aftercare regimen.

Who Should Use Chemical Peels?

Anyone suffering from facial skin problems caused by sun damage, pitting or scarring, fine lines around the mouth or eyes, age spots or pigmentation irregularities can benefit from a chemical peel.

What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peels?

The benefits of Chemical Peels include:

  • Dramatically improved facial appearance. Because a chemical peel works by eradicating a predetermined amount of your facial skin and allowing fresh, new skin to replace it, chemical peels are a good choice for those requiring a more aggressive skin resurfacing approach.
  • Controlled rejuvenation. Chemical peels are available in different strengths. Superficial peels eliminate only the topmost layer of skin, require little down time, and can be performed monthly as a regular part of a solid skincare regimen. For clients seeking more aggressive treatment, a medium- or deep-peel may be preferred. These deeper peels require additional recovery time but allow for the most skin regeneration. Deeper peels are a good choice for clients seeking noticeably younger-looking skin.

All Chemical Peels should be administered by a highly-trained esthetician, dermatologist or plastic surgeon. For superficial peels, the client may experience a slight tingling during the application process but should be able to resume normal activities immediately after treatment. Medium-depth chemical peels penetrate deeper into the skin and cause the skin to visibly peel away after treatment, a process that can take up to a week.


How long does chemical peel procedure take?

Most chemical peels take as little as 30 minutes to perform in our Burlington’s The Vogue Spa. however, some can take up to an hour.


Chemical peels side effects:

Most chemical peels cause minor redness, peeling and itching; however, blistering is not uncommon when treating stubborn age spots, sun spots, and severe acne. Our skin specialist will let you know exactly what to expect from your chemical peel treatment after your initial consultation.


Recovery time:

Most chemical peels don’t require recovery time for most of the patients; however, the redness and peeling may make you feel uncomfortable which may make you want to stay inside your house for one or two days until the redness goes away.  We also recommend our patients to get chemical peels on a Friday so that they have the weekend to recover.