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Facial Treatments in Burlington

Facial skin care is vital to combat the effects of the environment. Regular facial treatments revitalize and rejuvenate and to ensure the best results, a home maintenance program developed for individual needs must follow to achieve long-term results. Daily maintenance is required to keep skin healthy and youthful. Our Therapist will recommend what is best for you depending on your skin type and condition
  • Hydra Blue
  • $ 95
    60 min
  • Plumping Moisturizing Treatment: Highly effective moisturizing products with delicious textures and scents
  • Extended Youth
  • $ 150
    90 mins
  • Wrinkle Correction Firming Treatment: Three key steps in a very high-performance treatment to resurface skin, fill wrinkles restructure the face.
  • Douceur Marine
  • $ 95
    60 min
  • Comforting Soothing Treatment: A halo of softness for skin that is sensitive or subject to redness.
  • Souffle Marine
  • $ 95
    60 min
  • Pollution Shield Treatment: A treatment that brings all the benefits of a seaside stroll into the treatment room to provide a real dose of oxygen to the skin.
  • Acnipur
  • $ 120
    60-75 min
  • Blemish Solution Treatment: A deep cleansing program with proven effectiveness against blemishes.
  • Skin Escape for Men
  • $ 95
    60 min
  • The masculine version of the moisturizing, wrinkle correcting, soothing and blemish-solution treatment.
  • Beauty Break
  • $ 55
    40 min
  • Reveal a soft and soothed complexion in just 40 magical minutes.
  • Back Treatment
  • $ 85
    60 min
  • A treatment formulated to clarify, cleanse, and soften the skin of the back.
  • Eye Perfection
  • $ 40
    Single Treatment
  • Radiance Smoothing Eye Treatment. An ultra-complete, efficient and relaxing treatment for beautiful eyes that sparkle with youth. Alone or incorporated into the facial treatment of your choice, this expert eye contour treatment combines targeted effectiveness and total relaxation. It combines a revitalizing massage dedicated to the eye contour area with sensory products for immediate visible results. In one treatment, the eye area is smoothed, revived and refreshed.

    With any facial: $25