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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Burlington

Proven Laser Hair Removal Treatment Process

Laser hair removal is an FDA approved process by which a beam of light targets hair follicles and destroys them so that they become incapable of growing hair. Through this process, the laser light destroys multiple hair follicles simultaneously. It is considered the fastest, most convenient way to reduce hair growth on the body. This procedure, done in a safe and effective manner, has been shown to greatly increase self-confidence, cut down on grooming time and offer years of enjoyment free of waxing, depilating, epilating, shaving, tweezing and other non-permanent methods of hair removal.

At The Vogue Spa, we are able to treat both men and women of most skin types & no doubt we provide the best laser hair removal treatment in Burlington.

Every treatment we perform is a detail-oriented service that not only removes hairs but aims to create a natural look that “blends” in with the rest of the body. These treatments go beyond removing unwanted hair, striving to create a personalized treatment that clients can feel comfortable with, knowing that it is suited specifically for their unique needs.

At The Vogue Spa, we believe that the best laser hair removal treatments are produced following three basic guidelines:

  • Client comfort and safety first
  • Unconditionally well-maintained top of the line equipment
  • A continued desire for excellence in everything we do and every treatment we perform

At the Burlington’s The Vogue Spa, we offer our clients optimal results in a private environment with one of the most experienced certified laser hair removal specialists. Contact us today to set up an appointment and stop wasting your time and money on less permanent results.

Treatment Area Single Session Pkg of 6
Lip $45 $250
Chin $45 $250
Lip and Chin $80 $440
Front of Neck $80 $440
Back of Neck $80 $440
Sideburns $80 $440
Forehead $45 $250
Full Face $150 $830
Underarms $55 $300
Forearms $80 $440
Upper Arms $80 $440
Full Arms $150 $830
Hands & Fingers $60 $330
Bikini $80 $440
Brazilian Regular $130 $700
Brazilian Hollywood $170 $950
Buttocks $130 $700
Shoulders $100 $550
Upper Back $150 $830
Lower Back $150 $830
Abdomen $100 $550
Full Back $250 $1380
Chest $150 $830
Upper Legs $140 $770
Lower Legs $140 $770
Feet & Toes $60 $330
Full Legs $300 $1650
Photo Facial $150 $830


Q: Is it painful?
Most people find some level of discomfort similar to a flick from a small elastic band on the skin. Comfort levels can be improved by cooling the skin before and after treatment. Mild redness may occur on the treated area but this will only last for a short period of time.



Q: How long does it last?
It is a gradual process but once the hair follicle has been treated it should not regrow.



Q: How many treatments are required?
Research indicates that between 20% and 30% of hairs are in the Anagen stage at any one time. As a result multiple treatments are required. The actual number varies between individuals but our experience indicates that a minimum of five treatments are usually required. There tends to be a five to eight week interval between treatments.



Q: How much does it cost?
Treatment cost depends on the areas treated and number of treatments required. Over time, compared to a lifetime of waxing or electrolysis treatments, laser hair removal can be more cost effective and certainly achieves faster and more permanent results.



Q: Is it suitable for everyone?
It is not suitable for everyone. Those with darker skin types have a higher risk of pigmentation due to the higher melanin content of the skin. You should avoid sunlight on the treated area for a period of time before and after treatment.