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Packages of Waxing, Threading, Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

  • Waxing
  • $ 12-65+
  • Our waxing technique is highly praised by our guests. We believe in a quick, painless as possible waxing experience. Be sure to avoid sun exposure and any heat treatments for at least two hours before waxing and twelve hours after waxing. We regret that we cannot wax if you use Retin-a or Accutane.


    Full Arms $30 and up
    Half Arms $20 and up
    Full Legs $55 and up
    Half Legs $30 and up
    Full Brazilian (Hollywood) $65 and up
    Regular Brazilian $45
    Extended Bikini $25
    Bikini $20
    Buttocks $30
    Back $40
    Chest $40
    Shoulders $25
    Underarms $20
    Stomach $20
    Full Face $45
    Neck $20
    Eyebrows $15
    Lip or Chin $12
    Sideburns $15
    Nose or Ears $15
  • Threading
  • $ 15-50
  • Threading is an Ancient technique used in Egypt in the time of Cleopatra. It is a popular hair removal technique in India and the Middle East. This Ancient technique is becoming more popular these days, as it is a safe, non-toxic, fantastic hair removal method for facial hair and eyebrows primarily for both men and women with unwanted facial hair, allergies and skin irritations.

    Eyebrows $20
    Lip or Chin $15
    Full Face $50
  • Tinting
  • $ 19
  • This is a fantastic solution if your eyebrows & eyelashes are very fair and look non-existent. Tinting will give you very natural looking brows & distinctive lashes to compliment your facial features. The dye used to color the lashes black is usually a vegetable-based dye.The tint will generally last between 4-6 weeks depending on your exposure to sunshine and other bleaching elements.

    Eyebrows $19
    Eyelash $19

Our waxing services are designed to help you look and feel your very best.

If you are looking to get rid of unwanted body hair around your bikini area, we have all the tools and expertise necessary in order to provide you with the best waxing results.

Our dedicated and experienced wax specialists are available to make your experience at The Vogue Spa in Burlington as soothing as we can. We go out of our way to provide you with the best results in the most comfortable, relaxing environment possible.

Before coming to our spa in Burlington you might be thinking that waxing isn’t for you because you are afraid of the pain you think you’ll experience. Think again!

We offer threading too! Sparkly eyebrows maybe the runway trend these days, but actually all you need is a neatly groomed eyebrows. If waxing irritates your skin and plucking leaves you with ingrown hairs, the ancient technique of eyebrow threading maybe your go to option for hair removal.

Eyebrow threading is a very popular technique of shaping the eyebrow with the help of a cotton thread. How you frame your look depends hugely on your eyebrows. A perfectly groomed eyebrow can define your personality. A trained specialist twists a thin thread and rolls it quickly over your eyebrows to pluck the hair from the follicle. It is less messy and faster than any other method. It is a good option for people with sensitive skin as if it less painful and on the plus side, it doesn’t contain any chemicals. When you book your threading session at The Vogue Spa in Burlington, you are assured of the best service.

Eyelash Tinting and Eyebrow Tinting at The Vogue Spa in Burlington

Did you know that you could change the entire look of your face with eyelash and eyebrow tinting at The Vogue Spa in Burlington? You can, and it is fast and easy.

All of us want to look our best, but without realizing it, we may be obscuring our very best facial features – our eyes. If our eyelashes and eyebrows are sparse and grey or very light-colored, they do a disservice to how beautiful our eyes can look.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting are a semi-permanent dye treatment that takes about twenty minutes and lasts up to four weeks. We tint both the upper and lower lashes and use only organic vegetable-based tints (no peroxide), so they are very safe treatments. You can choose from several different shades that will complement the color of your eyes and hair.

The lash tinting is a fabulous alternative to mascara. It gives your eyelashes a thicker, more prominent look, and for some people, eyeliner is no longer necessary after the eyelash treatment.

Eyebrow tinting also gives your eyebrows a thicker, more prominent look, and when performed by our professional esthetician at the Burlington’s The Vogue Spa, your eyebrows will frame your eyes beautifully. Sometimes we suggest we shape your eyebrows after the tinting process to give your brow line an optimum classy look.

What are some other advantages of eyelash and eyebrow tinting?

There are several more advantages of eyelash tinting and eyebrow tinting. Imagine waking up first thing in the morning, looking into the mirror, and looking good – just as if you had already put on your make-up!

Because of its semi-permanent nature, eyelash tinting, and eyebrow tinting are waterproof alternatives to eye make-up. After a swim, bath, or shower, the eyelash tinting stays true to color without any residue making you look like you’ve just been on a crying jag. The same is true for your tinted eyebrows – no color running down your face.

Lash tinting beauty treatments are also great for people with allergies who have frequently runny eyes, or for people who wear contact lenses but have trouble using mascara.

Although there are many eyebrow and eyelash tinting kits you can buy at a beauty supply house or other retailer, we do not recommend that you try doing these treatments on yourself.  Different kits have different ingredients, and not all of them are eye-friendly. You have to be especially careful not to get any of the dye into your eye. That’s hard to avoid when you’re doing it on yourself. A much safer alternative is to leave it to the pros, like our experts at The Burlington’s The Vogue Spa. We have your safety and well-being in mind at all times.

So, open up your eyes and let The Vogue Spa in Burlington show you how we can beautifully enhance this most important feature of your face with our eyebrow and eyelash tinting services.

Call us now to schedule your beauty appointment. Also, visit us online and see what other services you might like to indulge in when you schedule your tinting service.